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Alejandro Gamboa

Former President

APC & Plan International Colombia

Adriana María Gutiérrez Cadavid

General Director


Lourdes López Jiménez

Country General Manager Spain & Portugal

Becton Dickinson

Rosaury Viaje

Global Strategic Quality Initiatives Program Manager

T.D. Williamson

Daniel Parra y Ximena González

HR Manager


Louis Lima

Head of Skills Development and Recruitment


Chris Cartwright

Former Director of Intercultural Evaluation

Intercultural Communication Institute

Asociado: The KOZAI Group, Aperian Global,

Connective Leadership, Institute icEdge

Liliana: «When we arrived in Mexico from the United States with my husband and our children, Manfred & Marcela gave us an Intercultural Training, which served us both personally as well as professionally, for my husband.

Sergio: «As Business Unit Director Oncology and Specialty at ABB Vie, the Intercultural Training given to us by Marcela & Manfred, provided me with very useful information to work and perform better in this new position I hold in Mexico, by better understanding the importance of personal relationships in the country, how to work and interact better with my teams and with external people, how to communicate and plan together with the locals for a more efficient implementation, and finally, how to get closer to my results and those of my team taking into account the cultural values of the country and the differences between the styles of the nationals and mine.

Liliana and Sergio: «We highly recommend Marcela and Manfred and their company M&M Multicultural Management for training expatriates

Sergio & Liliana Vargas

Business Unit Director Oncology and Specialty

abb vie

 “For almost a decade, we from Intercultures have worked with Marcela and Manfred, both in Mexico, but also in other Latin American countries. We found them to be knowledgeable, well connected, reliable and trustworthy partners. They are enthusiastic about what they do, open to new developments and, what is equally important, fun to work with.”

Stefan Meister

Managing Director

Intercultures Germany

“Marcela Vallejo, General Director of M&M Multicultural Management has worked as a lecturer for the Bogota Chamber of Commerce and also conducted a workshop on intercultural issues for the team of the Chamber’s International Vice-presidency of the Chamber. The topics covered about intercultural adjustment, managing different perspectives, diversity and inclusion were very useful for the business people who participated in the conferences and the workshop for the internal team. We highly recommend Marcela Vallejo and her company in these areas.”

Maria Mónica Conde

Vicepresident of International Relations and Cooperation

Bogota Chamber of Commerce

“My name is Ana María Echeverry, Director of Communication & Culture for SURA Asset Management, in Colombia. Marcela Vallejo, General Director for M&M Multicultural Management, led a workshop for the corporate team, which allowed participants to acquire knowledge, develop capacities and behavior,  that enabled them to have much more effective intercultural interaction, among nationals from the diverse countries where we have operations: Mexico, Peru, El Salvador, Uruguay and Chile.”

Ana María Echeverry

Director of Communication & Culture

Sura Asset Management

“My name is Juan David Gomez I am the General Manager at THT The Talent System. Together with M&M Multicultural Managementwe developed an assessment to compare individuals with generic profiles of 45 nationalities, which has been very useful for our clients. We also conducted  demo sessions on Interculturalism with M&M Multicultural management for our team and several clients in Bogota, Medellin, Cali and Barranquilla, at their entire satisfaction. We recommend M&M Multicultural Management, their trainings and the use of the the Molton DISC Assessment“.

Juan David Gómez

General Manager

THT The Talent System

Marcela Vallejo, General Director at M&M Multicultural Management has worked as Consultant for BANCOLOMBIA in the delivery of:                                

1. An individual coaching for 20 Top Talent on Development of Intercultural Competencies, using the IES Intercultural Effectiveness Scale Assessment with excellent results. The 20 participantes evaluated the impact of this coaching as very positive and important on their management and performance.  

2.The same assessment IES was used by BANCOLOMBIA to evaluate its potential candidates for expatriations and/or leaders who interact with diverse cultures. To this purpose, Marcela trained the Human Management Team in charge of interpreting & analyzing the assessment results. 

3. An Intercultural Training for all the members of the Human Management Vice-Presidency Team& for all the Vice-Presidents of the countries where BANCOLOMBIA has bought local banks: Colombia, El Salvador, Guatemala, Peru & Panama, with excellent feedback from the participants, who considered the knowledge acquired in the workshops very useful for their international management. 

 M&M Multicultural Management has demonstrated professionalism, compliance, and quality service.

Angela María Sierra Gallón

Supply Services Management


My name is Marcela Isaza Peláez, I am the Knowledge Unit Coordinator at the companies that are part of the groups Argos, Bancolombia, Sura and Nutresa in Colombia. Marcela Vallejo has worked for us on two occasions: 

1.She gave a conference on Multiculturalism during the Latin American meeting on Governance, Risk and Control, which brought together the Audit, Risk and Compliance areas of our companies throughout Latin America. 

2.We also have an Internship Program and I myself took part in it. Marcela delivered an Expatriate Workshop for a group of candidates for scholarships abroad.               

We recommend Marcela and her company M&M Multicultural Management in the areas of Intercultural Consulting, Diversity and Inclusion.”

Marcela Isaza Peláez

Knowledge Unit Coordinator


“Marcela Vallejo General Director of M&M Multicultural Management delivered a Team Building Training for the managers at Alianza Team Mexico.    

 The workshop came at the right time because of the changes we were experiencing in the team, as well as the arrival of new members of other nationalities. It has allowed us to take greater advantage of personal and team relationships, starting from understanding other´s perspectives and ones own, connecting from the similarities and also from the differences, always building on them. Today I can assure you that we enhanced our skills and achieved greater synergies as a team. The workshop was a great starting point.”

Hernando Carlos Vergara Fernández

General Director

Alianza Team Mexico

“My name is Carmen Aidee Aspiazu and I am the Excellence Center Director of the ARGOS Cement Supply Chain. I had the opportunity to participate in a Training Workshop for Expatriates, together with a group of candidates to relocate in Alfaretta US, delivered by Marcela Vallejo and Manfred Wilhelmus.                        

The program was very useful for me to understand the diversity of styles in relationships, teamwork, communication and decision making, which have facilitated and allowed me to efficiently interact with my counterparts in other countries, thanks to Marcela and Manfred. 

I highly recommend M&M Multicultural Management in matters of Intercultural Consulting.”

Carmen Aidee Aspiazu

Excellence Center Director


“Marcela takes you on a one-day  journey  that leads you to  understand the culture, idiosyncrasies, customs, communication styles, and other elements of the country that will be your home for a while, and  with such understanding, you end up feeling like another local. Excellent recommendation to start an adjustment  cycle, and to feel less as a foreigner. Excellent accompaniment by Marcela and her team for those who want to live in Mexico as their host country“.

Cristian Giraldo - Former Human Talent Director

Sandra Velasquez -Independent Lawyer

Sura Insurance Mexico

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