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The journey to global success – our job is to accompany you

Marcela Vallejo Orozco

Professional with 30 years of experience in the development of international projects,  supporting companies, work teams and executives in their expansion processes to other countries, intercultural consultancy, effective communication, planning and strategic execution.

Manfredo Juan Wilhelmus

Excellence and consistently outstanding results for more than 15 years as intercultural consultant, facilitator and coach, developing and delivering all kinds of programs designed to support multinational organizations in building intercultural competence, global mindset and skills, development of leadership skills and effectiveness in internationalization processes.

Be a Successful Global Leader

Diverse & Inclusive organizations are globally competitive and successful

For more than a decade we have accompanied several companies and executives of Multinationals & Multilatinas in their internationalization processes

We will support your company in the design and implementation of the solution you require

Expert professionals with corporate experience & worldwide specialists will customize and develop the programs required by your company

Let's define together the solution that best suits your needs

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