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Colaboración Global

En un mundo global, y ante los retos de la colaboración virtual o aún cara a cara, ser diverso e incluyente se ha vuelto más importante que nunca

Para volverse más eficiente al interactuar y trabajar con otros, es esencial entender las diversas perspectivas individuales y de dónde vienen.

Las formas en que aprendemos, nos comunicamos y adaptamos el comportamiento, determinan un impacto sostenible en las interacciones sociales, laborales y de negocios
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Global Collaboration

In a global world, and considering the challenges of virtual or even face-to-face collaboration, being diverse and inclusive has become more important than ever.

To become more efficient interacting & working with others, it is essential to understand diverse perspectives and where they come from.

How we learn, communicate and adapt behavior, determines a sustainable impact on social, work and business interactions
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Pregunta 1
¿Qué retos le representa la colaboración virtual? ¿Cuáles son los mejores medios a usar?
Is Virtual Collaboration challenging for you? Which media do we best use for which purpose?
Êtes vous challenge para la collaboration virtuelle? Quelles sont les meilleurs media à utiliser?
Ist virtuelle Zusammenarbeit eine Herausforderung für Sie? Welche Medien nutzt man für welchen Zweck am besten?
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¿Debe usted interactuar con gente de otras nacionalidades?
Do you have to interact with people from other countries ?
Devez-vous interagir avec des gens de différentes nationalités?
Müssen Sie mit Menschen anderer Nationalitäten interagieren?
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¿Ha estado usted en situaciones de choque cultural?
Have you been through culture shock?
Avez-vous été dans des situations de choc culturel?
Haben Sie einen Kulturschock erlebt?
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¿Ha estado usted expatriado o repatriado?
Have you been expatriated or repatriated?
Avez-vous été expatrié ou rapatrié?
Wurden Sie ins Ausland entsandt oder ins Heimatland zurückgesendet?
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¿Forma usted parte de un equipo global?
Are you part of a global team?
Etes-vous partie d'une équipe globale?
Sind Sie Teil eines globalen Teams?
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¿Cómo ser más efectivo al comunicarse?
How to be more effective when communicating?
Comment se communiquer d´une manière plus efficace?
Wie kann man effektiver kommunizieren?
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¿Cómo capitalizar la diversidad y potenciar las capacidades de su equipo?
How to capitalize on diversity and enhance your team 's capabilities?
Comment capitaliser sur la diversité et renforcer les capacités de votre équipe?
Wie kann man Diversität kapitalisieren und die Fähigkeiten Ihres Teams fördern?
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M&M Multicultural Management at a glance

Intercultural Consulting Company based in Mexico & Colombia.

Founded in 2010, we have trained and delivered intercultural coaching, leadership  and effective communication workshops for intercultural work teams, expatriates, repatriates and global leaders of various nationalities in the US, Canada, Mexico, Central America & South America.

Leading organizations choose M&M Multicultural Management for its quality services, understanding of their needs and the corresponding support they require in their internationalization processes.

Online Learning & Face to Face Programs

Training & Coaching in 4 Languages





Intercultural Consultancy

Methodologies and techniques to reduce gaps between people and teams from different cultures

Development of individual and team strategic plans to reduce the cultural gaps


The Right Solutions for Your Needs

Intercultural Competence

Make your organization globally competitive by developing your employees’ skills,  which will enable them to work efficiently with individuals from other cultures and with different perspectives and styles

Global Mobility

The success of an international assignment or returning  home, is determined by the knowledge of the counterparts’ cultures, the development of skills and behaviors that allow to  integrate with them

Soft Skills

Having competent and inspiring leaders and the ability to communicate effectively is a critical factor in achieving results

Indicators & Measurement of Results

Measuring learning outcomes allows for greater impact on your organization.


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